Moving Structures

The Engineering Team at Fairfield Engineering Solutions (FES) has successfully delivered bespoke moving structure projects in the UK and around the world for over 30 years. With experience in design, delivery, commissioning and life-cycle maintenance, the team has worked on some of the most iconic moving structures.

From Boat Lifts to RoRos and Moving Bridges, we can offer a a complete M&E package. With our multi-disciplined engineering team we can add value to projects with design coordination of the civil interfaces, mechanical drive system and control systems for moving structures of all sizes. All aspects of our designs are viewed objectively to establish the best solution commercially and technically, utilising equipment and solutions that are best suited to the user in respect to plant reliability and operational practicality.

Many of these systems include independent safety systems in order to ensure the continued safety of the operating personnel, users of the structure, the structure itself and potentially any load. In addition to safety systems, rigorous design processes are undertaken in order to ensure that features, such as single points of failure, can be designed out from the outset, resulting in increased levels and safety and reliability.

Service Support & Frameworks

Availability of a moving structure is paramount, and the inability of an asset to operate when required could have serious safety, financial and representational consequences. In order to further support our customers, we offer tailored service and framework agreements comprising of routine preventative maintenance and emergency 24/7 365 day response. Dependent upon specification, our systems are supplied with the ability to be remotely accessed, especially in the waterways sector, as assets are often located in hard to reach areas – some even becoming inaccessible under certain conditions.

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