Control Panels

Every control system, be it simple or complex, needs a home and at Fairfields we offer a wide range of control panels ranging from simple ICA (Instrumentation, Control and Automation) panels to large intelligent MCC’s (Motor Control Centres) comprising of integrated DOL/R, Start-Delta, Soft-start, VSDs and ICA – which we tailor to suit the application across a wide range of industries.

All of our control panels, large or small, need to meet statutory standards and certifications, whilst also meeting the needs, specifications and expectations of our clients. Our designs take into account a host of factors before a panel design can be released to the workshop, including:

  • Operational environment
  • Client protection specifications
  • Client build specifications
  • IP Rating
  • Site offloading and erection requirements
  • Site cabling and glanding requirements
  • EMC
  • Cable segregation

We offer the complete control panel service

The Complete Service

We offer the complete control panel service. General arrangement drawings and the electrical schematic drawings are generated using electronic drawing packages by our Engineers and are provided to our clients prior to manufacturing. All panels are tested prior to dispatch and can be full integration tested if required. After acceptance testing, we can deliver the panel to site, and if required provide a full installation testing and commissioning service.


Panels we supply include:

  • LV power distribution panels
  • Operator desks and consoles
  • Hardwired LV Motor Control Centres (motor starters and ICA)
  • Intelligent LV Motor Control Centres (motor starters and ICA)
  • Instrumentation panels
  • Telemetry panels


Panel features include:

  • Form 1 to Form 4
  • Mild steel/Stainless Steel
  • Standard or bespoke
  • Wall mount or floor standing
  • Top or bottom cable entry
  • Front or rear access
  • Conventional and intelligent MCCs
  • Withdrawable systems
  • Busbars systems at 50KA for 1 and 3 seconds, 80KA for 1 second and 100KA for 1 second.


Our control panels are built in accordance with IEC 61439-2:2011 and our own stringent internal ISO 9001 procedures.

Intelligent MCCs

Intelligent Motor Control Centres are the latest generation MCCs which allow the user to access the data from the intelligent devices within the MCC by connecting to any network level such as Ethernet. This feature gives the ability for monitoring and diagnostics of the MCC from a maintenance PC or even a SCADA system. An intelligent MCC can also give the user live and historical energy usage data allowing them to optimise their plant and processes.

For an intelligent MCC, every unit must have communication capability. This is necessary in order to replace the conventional control inter-wiring with a single communication wire.

Benefits include:

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