From power generation to energy saving solutions, Fairfields is one of the leading providers of control system expertise in an ever diversifying energy sector.

Our control systems provide solutions for the safe and efficient control of many different types of power generation, from simple solar power, burner management systems, independent hydro generation, district heating and CHP systems, to large scale utility coal gas and biomass power generation plants and transmission systems.

Our dedicated team of control system experts can provide improved automation techniques, ranging from standalone PLC and Motor Control Centres (MCC’s) to large networked control and supervisory systems. Our engineers can also support our customers with the migration from legacy control systems, or the requirement to comply with the latest functional safety regulations to provide intuitive solutions to maximise power and energy requirements

Energy Production / Connectivity

We can offer integrated control system support in all areas associated with energy production, backup and protection systems, and with our team of dedicated service support engineers your energy requirements will always be connected and on-line.

Our services include the implementation of:

  • Automated generator changeover control systems
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant control systems
  • District heating control systems
  • Solar or photovoltaic installations
  • Battery backup systems
  • Building energy management and control systems
  • Hydro generation and synchronisation systems
  • G59 protection
  • Ignition and pilot burner control
  • PowerStation fuel delivery and ancillary system control
  • Water treatment and environment monitoring solutions
  • Power generation Balance of Plant (BOP)

Coupled with a greater need to diversify towards renewable energy, such as wave, hydro, wind, solar, or geothermal there is a growing requirement for cost effective bespoke PLC systems incorporating industry standard protection instrumentation, which provide a total solution for turbine / generator governor control, synchronisation and G59 grid protection.

At Fairfields, we understand that there has never been more of a requirement to enhance and integrate innovative solutions enabling the efficient generation and use of power and energy, to protect all our tomorrows.

Combined Heat & Power CHP and District Heating

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the simultaneous generation of usable heat and electrical power in a single process. Relatively speaking, CHP plants offer longer payback periods but if your facility has a good use for the heat generated, and sized correctly, it can significantly reduce energy costs, consumption and CO₂ emissions.

Fairfields have experience with integrating packaged equipment such as engines, turbines and boilers with the balance of plant (BOP) to provide a single point of control and monitoring for the entire system. District heating often requires remote outstations spread across cities. Fairfields have developed secure industrial network solutions allowing these outstations to be accessed by the main plant.

The control room at a District Heating plant

Energy Management and Efficiency

Fairfields has worked with clients on many occasions to review their existing energy usage and assist with energy management and optimisation improvements. We have allowed our clients to benefit from a higher operational performance and reduce the amount of energy used without risking quality.

The implementation of improved automation techniques has collectively improved productivity, reducing down time and minimised maintenance requirements, whilst simultaneously reducing energy consumption. Improved automation techniques can be the backbone for more effective data collection, with the implementation of industrial networks, supervisory systems and energy monitoring and specialised energy management systems.

Electric motors are the largest single consumer of electrical energy without exception in any industry or manufacturing facility; commonly fans, pumps, and conveyor belts. We have helped our clients invest in areas that have provided the quickest financial return by replacing old motor starter equipment with Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s) in conjunction with more efficient motors, improved control philosophies and control loops.

Low or no cost supply voltage optimisation can save between 5-15% in electricity consumption simply by tapping down supply transformers. The majority of modern equipment can operate at 400/220V, but commonly supply transformers provide 420/242V or higher in many cases. Power factor correction has been implemented to improve the useable power available at relatively modest installation costs whilst providing similar efficiency savings.

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