Nene-Ouse Navigation

Nene Navigation:- The River Nene is a regional navigation which links the Grand Union Canal to the River Great Ouse.
Originally a commercial navigation, it is now used almost entirely for recreation.
The Great Ouse Navigation:- The River Great Ouse and its tributaries, the Rivers Cam, Lark, Little Ouse and Wissey
comprise in the region of 15 miles of navigable waterway, again used predominantly for recreation.
There are many locks along the course of both navigations, some of which include guillotine gates. All of these assets
require regular inspection and maintenance in order to keep them in a safe and operable condition under a continued delivery
framework which FES has been supporting and planning works into its 4th year.


Fairfield was initially appointed under an NEC contract, by Jackson Civil Engineering Ltd, to carry out a combination of
mechanical and electrical inspections on the guillotine gates at a number of lock sites. Following the completion of the site surveys, comprehensive condition reports were compiled and submitted to the client to inform their decision-making processes with regard to allocation of maintenance funding and prioitisation of works required. The outcome of the condition reports provided a collaborative
route to carry out detailed design, justification of the asset M&E systems to current UK standards, as a second phase with a third phase to supply and installation works to improve the condition and maintainability of the guillotine gates. Our scope of supply has included:
• Design, fabrication & installation of new access platforms and gantries to current codes and standards
• Design of guarding to Machinery Regulations
• Justification and design of drive trains elements for the operation of each gate system from gate through to counter balance
• Replacement of gearbox and actuator combinations (Rotork)
• Manufacture and replacement of complete drive train including chains, sprockets, couplings & bearings
• Manufacture, fabrication & installation of shaft, actuator and sprocket covers and associated safety measures
• Manufacture, fabrication & installation of gate counterweight

The collaborative working relationship between Fairfield and the client has meant that these works have been ongoing for almost three years, with gradually more sites being added into the scope. To date we have undertaken inspections, design and remedial works on 18 sites. In working with the client team, and the principle contractor we have been able to react, design and add value to the process
to enable determination of key objectives, options, design and works planning within the limited canal closed period ensuring asset resilience and upgrade to the latest standards whilst assuring access for the navigation users.

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