Leaving his Mark on the company

Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

It’s with mixed feelings that we announce that our Business Development Manager, Mark Willbourn, is retiring at the end of the month.

Mark joined Fairfield Engineering Solutions Ltd in September 2020. Since then he has been an invaluable member of FES and has been instrumental in supporting the company through many tender submissions and key client relationships.  He has brought diplomacy, scrupulousness and a voice of experience to the team and will be sorely missed. We are fortunate enough to retain his consultancy services for key clients, so he’s not leaving us completely!

James Chappell, Engineering Director, commented “Mark has throughout his time with FES offered his wide knowledge, experience and understanding in showcasing the business to our markets as we have continued to grow and develop. The client network he has developed will be fundamental in the future as we continue to grow to be a leading force in the sector; he has most definitely left his Mark which is engrained in our approach and outlook to opportunities.”

We sincerely wish Mark all the best for his retirement although knowing him he won’t be taking it easy and will no doubt keep busy with his cycling adventures!

However, as one-chapter finishes, another begins….  And on this subject, further to a company review and refining of our delivery strategy, we are delighted to announce that in September, Mark Scott will be joining us in the position of Pre-Contract Manager.

Mark has worked for our sister company, Fairfield Control Systems, for 25 years and was involved in the initial turnkey tenders for Fairfield Engineering Solutions.  Mark has a track record of developing and assessing multidisciplinary projects, understanding the client’s needs and what success looks like through their eyes. He therefore brings considerable EC&I experience to further enhance and strengthen FES’s expertise in the turnkey proposals and delivery of MIECA works packages. Mark is well known in the industry and his knowledge will ensure a seamless integration for future projects within our pipeline and a wealth of additional clients and prospects to provide further opportunities for FES.  We look forward to welcoming Mark next month.

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