Interactive Learning Platform

Fairfield Control Systems offers an Interactive Learning Platform to assist businesses as they seek to comply with new constraints brought about by infection suppression and climate awareness. The Interactive Learning Platform provides course content electronically that can be tailored to the operation of a system or for other uses, such as personnel inductions, site familiarisation and safety updates.

A significant advantage of the Interactive Learning Platform is that it is self-paced and can be delivered on-demand and at disparate locations. Therefore, where a business has multiple locations or staff working shifts, the training can be provided to suit their schedule and location, avoids business disruption and reduces environmental impact. Where a business has a high staff turnover rate, such as seasonal staff, the training is repeatable and requires little intervention from established staff.

Interactive training can be used to form part of the competency of staff members. The training modules can be developed to target different staff functions, such as Operations Staff, Maintenance Staff and Management use. Modules can vary in levels of interactivity to suit the business requirement and can include knowledge confirmation elements, such as quizzes and exams. Following training or the successful completion of an exam, the system has the capability of reporting results and issuing the appropriate certification.

The Interactive Training Platform can be hosted on a customer site and servers, or Fairfields can securely host it. The training is delivered through a web browser, allowing it to be delivered directly to staff’s PCs, tablets or mobile devices. Fairfields recognises the sensitivity of training material, and where we host training, access to courses and data can be secured in-line with customer security requirements.

The Interactive Training Platform allows our customers to have fully bespoke system training delivered on-demand and pitched at the role of the trainee. Secure access to the Interactive Training Platform allows trainees to take part, irrespective of their location or working pattern.

The following are example use cases where the Interactive Training Platform provided by Fairfields on behalf of a customer can be used:

System Training

When a new or upgraded system is installed, system training is usually taken by staff to learn the operation and maintenance of the system. The platform and content can be developed such that different roles can see different training modules, but also see modules that are common between roles. The Interactive Training Platform can also be configured for light use operators, such as those that only operate a specific item of plant or management that may only view high-level data.

New Staff Training

As the system training would be permanently available (subject to commercial agreement), any new member of staff would be able to take the training without necessarily having to engage other members of staff or external training staff to deliver the training. This is especially useful for cases where there is a high turnover of staff, such as seasonal workers.

Enhancement and Re-Cap Training

Systems can evolve over their life-cycle and in some cases, this would necessitate updating currently trained staff with new procedures and updating the existing modules for any new staff. As the Interactive Training Platform is electronic, businesses and staff can always be assured of taking the latest iteration of the course where the necessary updates have been made.

Similarly, short ‘Re-Cap’ courses can also be deployed. This can be used to deliver training for on-going competency reasons or to refresh knowledge on detailed or seldom-used features.

Awareness and Induction Training

Short courses that raise awareness of a topic, such as Site Induction, Health and Safety or Security, can be developed to apply to all employees in an organisation or visiting subcontractors. Course completion can be tracked and reported to append to employee records.

Interactive Training Modules

Training modules can be created and delivered with the following features:

  • Presentation Style slides with or without Audio/Text accompaniment
  • Pre-recorded video of presenter or PC based actions
  • Virtual tours either as a 360° environment or an image juxtaposition
  • Images with Information Hotspots
  • Links to external resources
  • Timelines showing sequence of events
  • Completion guide or Summary
  • The following premium services:
    • Access to a Virtual Machine hosting simulated operating environment or application development environment
    • Provision of a live streamed element of training with a Fairfields member of staff to deliver content

In addition to how the training is provided, understanding of the topics can be assessed by the following methods:

  • Quiz
  • True or False Questions
  • Multiple or Single Choice
  • Image Sequence or Hotspot location
  • Highlight or Drag and Drop Words
  • Essays, where the answers can be adjudicated by another member of staff

A demonstration of understanding may not be appropriate in all cases; therefore, the Interactive Training Platform can report on module completion and time spent viewing content rather than the outcome of an assessment.

If you would like a demonstration of the Interactive Training Platform, this can be arranged by contacting:


Training as part of competency

Where a member of staff has received training, this builds part of their competency portfolio as defined by the business. The Interactive Training Platform can include elements of competency training as well as system operating training. Examples of this would be where an operative needs to be aware of any security implications, or a technician needs to be mindful of best working practices to a standard, such as Functional Safety. These elements can be defined by the customer or can be advised on by Fairfields, where the subject falls under our competencies, such as Functional Safety and Cyber Security.

Attendance, progress and completion records can be generated by the Interactive Training Platform to notify a Human Resources department and issue a certificate of completion to the trainee for their own Personal Development.


Secured and authorised access to training data is regarded as a critical element of the Interactive Learning Platform, as the content is designed to describe the operation of systems and could potentially aid any actor with malign intent.

Fairfields will deliver a system in-line with the security requirements of the operating company and our own internal ISO27001 policies and procedures. Multiple options are available for the deployment of the Interactive Learning Platform based on the security and operational requirements of the operating company, including:

  • Cloud-based or on-premises servers
  • Internal access with personal log-on and 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Secure web access using VPN or with additional security certification
  • Secured link for maintenance and guided instruction purposes
  • Backup and Disaster recovery in case of failure
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Firewall and access monitoring
  • Data encryption

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