The Humber Bridge

The Humber Bridge, a vital transportation link connecting East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom, recognised the need to upgrade its information technology infrastructure. Fairfield Control Systems implemented the solutions required to improve the network speed and security with added data protection.

The fibre network, which formed the backbone of communication along the length of the bridge, needed upgrading as well as a review of the security infrastructure.
To address the issues, a ring circuit was introduced to improve speed and resilience. This involved leveraging existing fibre cables to create a strong ring structure, ensuring continuous connectivity should one section of the network experience a failure.

The security of the IT network was significantly upgraded by replacing switches with new managed switches for enhanced efficiency. These managed switches were introduced to allow precise control over network access, restricting unauthorised entry points for any external threats, and manage the flow of data in the assigned virtual networks configured within each of the switches. The firewall was also replaced to ensure the latest security protocols were in place and supported for ongoing security.

Independent penetration tests were conducted by a third-party cybersecurity firm to confirm the effectiveness of the implemented security measures. These tests involved simulated hacking attempts to assess the strength of the network’s defences. The results demonstrated the reliability of the managed switches in restricting access to unauthorised areas and highlighted the success of the overall security system.

Fairfield Control Systems ensured The Humber Bridge IT upgrade project successfully addressed the identified challenges. The implementation of advanced fibre network systems, managed switches, and cybersecurity measures not only improved daily operations but also provided a secure foundation for the critical services the Humber Bridge offers to the community.

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