Foryd Harbour Moveable Bridge

Fairfield Control Systems played a crucial role in the construction of a new cycle and pedestrian moveable bridge at Foryd Harbour, Rhyl, South Wales. This innovative project aimed to connect the two sides of the harbour with a bridge featuring two opening sections. Each section comprises a deck that is raised using a winch equipped with two ropes, driven by two electric motors each equipped with an electrically operated brake. Additionally, each deck is secured in the lower position by hydraulic locking pins, ensuring safety and reliability in the bridge’s operation.

Our Electrical and Control Solutions

We provided the essential electrical infrastructure and control systems necessary for the bridge’s smooth and uninterrupted function. Our key contributions included:

– Power Distribution: We installed main site power distribution equipment with the ability to switch between the mains supply and a standby generator, guaranteeing operational reliability under any condition.

– Drive Panels and Control Systems: Both bridge sections were equipped with drive panels and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) systems, enabling precise and safe control. These systems came with advanced safety features to handle emergency stop scenarios.

– Operational Control: We deployed control pedestals at the Harbour Master’s Office and at the bridge entrances, allowing for both automatic and manual operations. These units featured advanced control interfaces for effective management of bridge movements and safety protocols.

– Emergency Power Backup: A dedicated battery backup system was set up to keep navigation lights operational during power failures, enhancing safety for river traffic.


Impact, Outcome, and Our Ongoing Commitment

Our expertise in electrical and control engineering was pivotal to the functionality, safety, and reliability of the bridge. This project not only improved access across Foryd Harbour but also demonstrated our capability to manage complex infrastructure projects with innovative solutions.

Since completing the project, we have continued to provide preventative maintenance and reactive support for the bridge. Furthermore, through our sister company, Fairfield Engineering Solutions, we have expanded our mechanical and hydraulic capabilities. This expansion has included recruiting several engineers involved in the design and delivery of the bridge’s winch systems, hydraulics, and mechanical elements, allowing us to offer a more comprehensive suite of services. Our commitment to excellence and innovation continues as we build on our expertise and capabilities to meet the evolving needs of our projects and clients.

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