Fairfields Secures Place on Environment Agency’s Framework

Tuesday, March 5th, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Fairfields has achieved a significant milestone by securing a place on the Environment Agency’s Asset Operation Maintenance and Response (AOMR) framework. This achievement will see us deliver projects for a variety of sites and assets, including pumping stations, flood and water gates, sluice gates, and various control and automation systems.

Our projects will encompass services such as pump installations and repair, water control structures installations, switchgear, motor control centres installations, and other MEICA-related works.

Framework Overview

The new Asset Operation, Maintenance, and Response Framework will address several critical requirements:

  1. Civil Engineering Projects: Maintaining and constructing essential civil engineering assets.
  2. MEICA Projects: Providing a wide range of MEICA services for refurbishing and maintaining the EA’s asset base.
  3. Vegetation Management Programs: Ensuring effective vegetation control.
  4. Landscape and Habitat Creation Implementation and Establishment Aftercare: Enhancing the environment through thoughtful landscape and habitat projects.
  5. Asset Operation and Incident Response Activities: Supporting the EA’s ability to operate assets, including out-of-hours incident support.

Our Award

Fairfields has secured LOT 2 (MEICA) in the East Hub, South East Hub, and South West Hubs of the framework.

We look forward to delivering high-quality services under this framework and contributing to the Environment Agency’s mission.

Oliver Mangham, our Applications Director commented, “We are proud to have been working with the Environment Agency for over 20 years and with this framework we are looking forward to the new opportunities it brings, not just the opportunities to collaborate on projects but the supplier partnerships and the community engagement.”


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