An ECS and Fairfield Joint Venture Achieves Remarkable Success with Recently Tendered Environment Agency MEICA Framework Agreement

Wednesday, November 15th, 2023

Following a competitive process, a strategic joint venture between ECS Engineering Services (ECS) and Fairfield Control Services (FCS) has been successful in the re-tender of the Environment Agency’s Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Control and Automation (MEICA) Framework. Both companies have together been successful in the re-tender of their current regional MEICA maintenance contracts, as well as acquiring new regions. Their partnership will now be pivotal in bolstering the framework’s delivery in three, out of six, of the largest geographical regions in the UK: Northeast, Southeast and Central.

The joint venture (JV) will use the combined expertise of both companies to provide planned, predicative, and responsive maintenance to the Environment Agency’s flood management assets. These assets are essential in protecting countless homes and livelihoods. Assets range from simple passive flap valves through to the constituent parts of complex automated pumping stations and critical flood defence structures, including all the integral mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and control systems within.

Having supported the Environment Agency in their maintenance of MEICA assets for over a decade, both ECS and FCS have been a reliable provider of services, each bringing its unique strengths. ECS is recognised for its expertise in planned predictive maintenance (PPM), emergency callouts and reactive works (RW), especially in the Midlands. When ECS were asked to rapidly expand its operations to the Southeast region in 2017, the company adapted smoothly and efficiently. On the other hand, FCS, known for its prowess in instrumentation, control and automation, has consistently complemented ECS’s efforts with its specialist skills.

The magnitude of the new framework award is significant, with over 20,000 assets across the three regions to inspect, report on and take forwards resulting actions.

Steve Crapper, Pre-Contracts Director at ECS, remarked, “Our regional teams’ dedication is commendable. Their consistent delivery and support have resulted in a high-quality service, achieving exceptional KPI results. This framework goes beyond maintenance; it also involves the upgrade and refurbishment of assets nearing the end of their lifecycle, providing tangible benefits to both the Environment Agency, its primary contractors, and the wider community. Alongside these technical endeavours, there’s an inherent value in the ripple effect our operations have on local landscapes and communities.”

The Environment Agency’s recent decision to retender these frameworks came with expectations for the JV, which was required to meet stringent prerequisites in operational delivery, sustainability, safety protocols, and technical capabilities. As both companies navigate these challenges, the nuanced advantages of harnessing regional expertise become apparent, subtly bolstering the very regions they serve. ECS already has extensive geographical coverage across a significant proportion of England’s flood assets and is now the primary contractor for the newly consolidated central region. Additionally, the JV has expanded its reach by acquiring the Northeast framework contract. All regions have been secured for a framework period of up to four years.

Oliver Mangham, Applications Director at FCS commented, “This success not only fuels our growth but also strengthens our collaborative relationship with ECS and the Environment Agency, highlighting our ability to excel in operational excellence, sustainability, safety, and technical capabilities. The expansion into additional regions will further support our recruitment efforts, including the training of apprentices, as we continue to deliver on our mission.”

This achievement reflects the ongoing commitment to quality and operational excellence from both organisations. The effort has been a collaborative one, spanning from the field to the boardroom. As ECS and FCS look forward to the future, its mission remains clear – commitment to maintaining national infrastructure, safeguarding millions from flooding, and preserving cherished natural environments.

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