BAE Systems & Fairfields are featured in the Eurofighter World Magazine this month.

Friday, August 27th, 2021

BAE Systems and Fairfields have been working in collaboration with other key suppliers on the smart gantry project as part of BAE Systems ‘Factory of the Future initiative.

“The Eurofighter Typhoon’s UK production line is being transformed through the introduction of new technology, an innovative spirit and effective collaborations across BAE Systems teams and with key suppliers.

That collaborative approach is illustrated by the way the teams on the project are driving those changes forward – sharing their ideas and thoughts on how the tasks they must carry out can be made easier through this transformation.

As a result, the days of ‘old tech’ 2D drawings and text-heavy instructions are being replaced by the ‘new tools’ of 3D animated work instructions, augmented reality, projected work instructions and use of headsets, all being harnessed to help drive further efficiencies. Martin Knott is the Assembly Team Lead for Airframe Technology Delivery. He believes these are exciting times for those working on the Typhoon where production work is underway in support of the Quadriga programme for the German Air Force. And he explains how the need for change is being driven by a focus on export programmes affordability with a variation of production rates and requirements. He says: “There is a need to adapt to that world. It is a competitive marketplace and it is no longer a case of doing things the way we’ve always done them. We’re investing in technologies and techniques that support the operators and to help them to do their jobs, to increase efficiency.”

Read the full article here…   Eurofighter World August 2021


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