Remembering Nick

Thursday, March 4th, 2021

On 16th February 2021 we lost our friend and colleague Nick Leeming to Covid-19.

Today we remember Nick and how he brought so much joy and fun into our lives. So how would you sum up Nick? Dedicated? Intelligent? Tenacious? Opinionated? Tough? Softie? Caring? Lovable?

The truth is you could not, because he was all of these things, and that is why we loved him.

Nick joined the company back in January 2008 as a Design Engineer and progressed through the company to be a project manager leading several of our largest projects. He has shaped not only his projects but the company and the people who he met. He was supportive, dedicated and always wanted to help and mentor anyone who needed advice. Nick worked hard on all of his projects, both large and small, in his own inimitable style, you could always tell it was one of Nick’s Projects by his ability to see even the smallest of details which he ensured was done the Nick way. He loved to share his knowledge and experience and was never too busy to stop and help.

The combination of his strong character, personality and brilliant sense of humour put you at ease. Many who knew Nick, knew how he loved a debate, and sometimes would even start a debate for the enjoyment of the exchange and knowing that he was wrong. Some would call it arguing but with Nick involved there was never a raised voice, there was always passion and always banter, and would always close with one of those Nick smiles and a pat on the back. His huge personality will always stay with us.

Through many stories we have exchanged about Nick, his commitment to everything he did is always top of the list. His allotment was also in so many stories, from the tomatoes, pasta sauces, how he struggled with potatoes, but marrows were amazing. One of the things that we remember so much about Nick is his passion for his family and the stories of his weekend antics, from unsuccessful driving lessons with his daughter, the girls (and their boyfriends!) to the events of a family wedding and there was always a Vectra story thrown in!

Nick and his Vectra will always be a part of Fairfield history and was always a story that had an update, his passion was to get the much-loved Vectra up and running. From one day with his beaming smile when he got it working, to the next day when there would be another issue. But he never gave up! Nick’s skills did not stop at engineering, if anyone could make a good cup of tea it was Nick! A cup of tea would always fix everything, and you would always end up having a chat and learning some of Nick’s wisdom.

In the time since he passed away we have been sharing our memories of him, here are a few comments about how we will always remember Nick: –

“The toughest softie that I have known.” “Nick presented a fatherly figure over the whole company and was always there whenever anyone needed.” “Rock solid and reliable.” “He was a supportive, warm and a fun person to be around.” “You were one in a million Nick and will be missed by all”.

Nick Struggled throughout these last few months with shielding from COVID-19 and in recent weeks took on the hardest battle of all trying to fight off this awful virus. Unfortunately, the virus won, however Nick remains in our hearts and he and his family will always be a part of the Fairfield Family. He will be deeply missed and will live on in all of us, through great memories, his teachings, and his achievements.

Nick was a Gentle Man, a Great Colleague and a Great Friend, a true Gentleman. Rest in Peace.

Following the passing of our friend and colleague, Nick, we have set up an online book of condolence for anyone that would like to leave a memory or message for Nick’s family. The book will remain open for at least two weeks, after which the intention is to add some photos and have the book printed to give to his family. If you would like to the book please use the link below. Some names might not be familiar to his family, and so you might like to work into your message where you work or what project(s) you have worked on etc.

Hopefully, this will lend Nicks family a little comfort now and in years to come.

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