Another Apprentice Graduates

Monday, July 8th, 2019

Fairfield’s are proud to announce that another Apprentice has completed their Apprenticeship programme at Fairfields. Billy Hanner has now moved into a permanent and full time Design Engineer position within the Projects Team at our Head Office.

Apprentices and ex-apprentices currently make up around 30% of the total workforce and we have retained over 90% of our apprentices as full time employees over the past 19 years. We offer award winning Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships in electrical engineering and ICT systems engineering and take on up to 3 new Apprentices each year, usually on a 3 year programme to attain an HNC and HND qualification.

Billy started his apprenticeship in 2016 and has enjoyed every minute of it, he particularly enjoyed the responsibilities he was given and the variety of the projects.

Throughout his apprenticeship, Billy was assigned an experienced mentor to ensure he stayed on track with his apprenticeship and that he obtained a thorough understanding of the business methods, policies and procedures.

Billy has now chosen to further his qualifications through a 1 year part time BEng degree course in Control and Automaton Engineering, which will be sponsored by Fairfields. They can continue to earn while they learn without the burden of student debt.

Our Engineering Director Peter McMorrow is excited to welcome Billy into his team and said:

Throughout his apprenticeship Billy has developed the necessary skills, disciplines and professionalism required for an engineer within an innovative and challenging industry, he will  be an incredibly valuable member of the Fairfield Design Team

Congratulations to Billy!

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