Fairfields at TechED 2017

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

One of Fairfield’s Lead Engineers, Ben Searson, is attending the Rockwell Automation TechED 2017 event in Orlando, Florida this week. The intense training conference and exhibition offers unique ways of learning, exploring and discovering techniques for creating innovative, high-performance manufacturing and production applications. Such events help Fairfields keep up to date with Rockwell’s innovations, as well as to gain experience and direct training on their products.

There are over 170 hands-on labs, technical sessions and discussion forums at TechED taking place over the week-long event. Whilst there, Ben will focus on the seminars and sessions relating to Rockwell’s Connected Enterprise products, particularly the industrial networking and software products. These training and networking events are key for Fairfields to maintain knowledge of our suppliers innovations and developments when it comes to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), Industry 4.0 and Digitalisation.

Some sessions are also being live-streamed on Facebook.

TechED has been designed for control engineers, manufacturing IT, and plant, operations and maintenance managers from a wide variety of industries to learn how to make the most of their automation and control system assets while planning for the future, including how to:

  • Optimize production data
  • Increase yield
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Build secure networks

Fairfields have also committed to sending 5 more engineers to a similar event in Paris this autumn.

Source: Rockwell Automation & TechED™ 2017

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