Fairfield’s Service Manager Saves a Life!

Monday, June 12th, 2017

We’re not just about Engineering here at Fairfields… we also like to share good news stories, including one of our members of staff saving a life!

Part of the training our staff receive is on First Aid and a number of staff members have recently attended the First Aid at Work course at local provider, How 2 Save a Life. On Saturday 3rd June 2017, our Service Manager, Jason Varney, was enjoying lunch at a local pub with his wife and young daughter when he realised the lady on the next table was choking and unable to breathe. With Jason’s recent training knowledge, he was able to dislodge the obstruction and enable her to breathe again.

Afterwards, Jason said:

“Both of the women could not thank me enough and were so grateful that I reacted as quickly as I did. Other customers in the pub also came up to me and thanked me. Once I returned back to my table the gravity of what I had done hit me and I started shaking from the emotion of it all. Real life situations like this show the importance and justification of attending first aid courses.”

We’re very proud of Jason and how his quick thinking made such a difference.

How 2 Save A Life first aid courses include how to treat choking adults, children and babies.

Read the full story and see how you could help save a life.

Source: http://www.how2savealife.co.uk/blog/

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