Water Ride System Leaves for Site

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

Following the successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of one of our latest water ride projects, these Log Flume Ride control panels were loaded onto a lorry this week and are now on their way to site.

Fairfields were employed to design and supply a control system for a new Superflume leisure ride which will be equipped with 13 boats – each boat capable of carrying up to 6 passengers. The boats will make their way around a course which includes two inclined chutes and a turntable.

In addition to the hardware and software design, our TUV approved safety engineers also designed and verified the safety systems.

The system is based around a sequencing PLC which employs a supervisory ASI safety controller with multiple safety functions. The ASI network provides distributed control and monitoring around the active elements of the ride, including the station conveyor, pump and the lift conveyors.

Following the design and build process, a full Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) was carried out with the ride supplier and the safety assessor ensuring that the system is built and configured as per the specification. These procedures ensure that the system is shipped fully tested, minimising site commissioning and validation time, whilst maximising customer satisfaction.

Photos below of variable speed drives, PLC I/O and control panels.

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