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At Fairfields, we pride ourselves on being a highly innovative systems integrator and the main core of our business is developing unique electrical control and instrumentation solutions to our client’s industrial and technical requirements. To provide a complete service to our clients, we have created a dedicated team of professional engineers and technicians, focusing on preventative maintenance and service support.

Our Service Team offers a completely bespoke preventative maintenance and support service. Currently, this team is responsible for over one hundred and fifty sites throughout Europe with clients from all of our industry sectors.

Our service support is your insurance against unplanned and potentially costly plant outages. We are experts in the support and maintenance of software, complex control and instrumentation systems. As well as our own expertise, we have also teamed up with strategic partners to offer full turnkey support, including mechanical and hydraulic services.

It is important that our support services meets your requirements. We create a tailor-made support agreement which can include any or all of the following services:

  • Scheduled preventative maintenance visits
  • Scheduled instrument calibration visits
  • 24/7 callout support with guaranteed response times
  • Remote telephone support
  • Remote diagnostics via secure connection
  • Holding and servicing of spare parts
  • System auditing
  • Online reporting services
  • Obsolescence management

Fairfields offers a comprehensive 24 hour/365 days a year support service and can provide guaranteed response times for emergency support.

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Visits

To maintain a system at a high level of availability it is necessary to perform routine maintenance functions.  These functions can be tailored to your requirements and usually include everything from checking terminations and ensuring the operation of anti-condensation heaters to checking that the system is operating correctly and backing up software.

Routine maintenance visits are also an important feature of a service agreement as they allow the on-call engineers to familiarise themselves with each operating system and engage with your site staff on a regular basis. These measures ensure our engineers are able to minimise downtime during a failure.


Scheduled Instrument Calibration and Validation Visits

To ensure the performance of your system, it is important that all instrumentation operates within permitted tolerances. With the use of our extensive calibration toolkit, our engineers are able to validate a wide range of instrumentation.



Callout Support

Fairfields offer a comprehensive 24 hour/365 days a year support service and can provide guaranteed response times for emergency support. A dedicated callout number is available should your system develop a fault. Where possible, we aim to resolve faults remotely via telephone support and, where available, a secure remote connection into the system. If we cannot resolve the fault remotely, we will dispatch an engineer to your site.

Holding and Servicing of Spare Parts

To minimise the recovery time from a major failure, it is advisable to have adequate operational spares. During the first visit of a new service agreement, our engineers will review the current spares held and recommend additional spares if required. A spares list will then be created to track their usage.


Online Reporting

We have developed an online service reporting system to allow our you to monitor the status of your sites securely over the internet. This gives instant access to your data and moves you one step closer to that environmentally friendly paperless office. The service allows you to view or download callout reports, service reports and calibration data and also gives an overview of the site status and recommended works.

Cloud Storage for Documentation and Software

It is important that both your staff and our engineers have access to up-to-date information on the site/system. If required, our web repository can be used to allow documents and information to be stored and made available securely over the internet. Documents and information such as historical data logs, software backups, risk assessments and method statements, operation and maintenance manuals, schematics and cable schedules are easily stored on your secure repository.


Upgrade and Obsolescence Management

As with all technology, things don’t last forever and as systems age they can deteriorate with equipment and spares becoming obsolete and difficult to obtain. Our engineers will carry out regular reviews of your systems, ensuring all equipment is supported by the original equipment manufacturer. Should equipment become obsolete or no longer be fit for purpose, we will work with your staff to develop an upgrade plan, ensuring systems are always supported. By giving early warnings about equipment obsolescence, you can manage your budgets, enabling necessary upgrade works to be planned and implemented with minimal funding requirements.

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