Fairfields provides a full ‘turn-key’ service from consultancy and design through to commissioning and long term support.

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Our engineering teams provide consultancy to clients for many different solutions in many different sectors. Some of the services we provide are

  • Production of User Requirement Specifications (URS)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Preparing budget costs
  • Obsolescence reports
  • Safety assessments and audits
  • 3rd party audits & reviews
  • Independent incident investigations

There are times when a client does not have enough information about a process or system to provide a requirement specification or even know if a project is feasible. In these cases our engineers carry out a feasibility study and provide the client with a report, detailing whether a project is feasible and what technical solutions are available. At this point, our Technical Sales Team can then provide rough order of magnitude (ROM) costs to allow the client to plan or apply for their budgets. Our engineers can then take this process one step further and produce a User Requirements Specification.

As well as feasibility studies and user requirements specifications, our clients often use our engineering teams to produce other expert reports. These can vary from obsolescence reports, where we carry out a detailed assessment of the status of a client’s assets, to independent incident investigations, where we provide a detailed report which looks at the design, operation and any defects within a system which has been involved in a incident.

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At Fairfields, we have multiple engineering teams who carry out the design of control systems. We have in-house design capabilities for all elements of the control systems design process, from specification and hardware design, to the production of software and installation documentation.

From sizing equipment to designing custom metal work for Motor Control Centres (MCC), our in-house engineers have a wide range of hardware design capabilities. All electrical schematics are produced in an electrical drawing package, ensuring consistency in the drawing styles as well as allowing automatic referencing and production of documents such as cable schedules and cable block diagrams.

Our in-house Software Design Engineers have extensive knowledge of PLCs from all major manufacturers and can produce software in many languages, such as Ladder Logic, Statement List, Structured Text, Sequential Function Chart (Grafcet) and more. As well as PLC software, systems often require a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Whether that’s a Human Machine Interface (HMI) providing system diagnostics or a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA) with a Historian and reporting system, our engineers work closely with clients to produce a user friendly system.

Our project teams also contain Functional Safety Engineers who design and validate any safety systems required as part of a project.

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As part of our turnkey solution following the design stage of a project, we can supply all elements of a control system. More often than not, the following items are regularly supplied by Fairfields as part of a project:

As well as supplying equipment to British and European Standards, we supply equipment worldwide, including China (CCC), Canada (CSA) and the USA (UL), meeting all appropriate local standards.

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During the design process our engineers will produce installation documentation such as cable block diagrams, cable schedules and termination schedules. These documents are used by our installation team and ensure the systems are installed accurately as per our design.

Our electrical installation teams provide a full electrical installation service, including:

  • Cable management systems
  • Mains distribution and power cabling
  • Control and instrumentation cabling
  • Panel installation
  • NICEIC testing, certification and remedial works
  • Instrumentation installation

Should our client prefer to carry out the installation in-house or through their preferred subcontractor, Fairfields will provide the necessary installation documentation. If required, we can also provide a supervisor to oversee the work who can test the installation to ensure it is as per our design documentation.

In addition to electrical installation as part of a turnkey package, Fairfields can offer mechanical installation services for minor works.

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We have a dedicated team of Commissioning Engineers who have experience in commissioning complex control systems on many different sites all over the world. Our Commissioning Engineers will oversee and test the installation of a system before then commissioning the project and providing any training and operational support required.

Our Engineers routinely undertake the following tasks as part of our projects:

  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • Installation verification
  • System power-ups
  • Input/output (I/O) checking
  • Instrumentation calibration and validation
  • Hardware commissioning
  • Software commissioning (PLC/SCADA)
  • Safety validation
  • Process/application commissioning
  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)
  • Training
  • Operational support

For the pharmaceutical industry, our Commissioning Engineers provide the necessary Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) that is required by QA departments to validate that a machine is ready for use.

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We recommend that clients should provide operator training on the processes and equipment supplied as well as training technical staff.  To support this we offer a comprehensive training program, structured and tailored to the client’s specific requirements which will generally include:

  • Providing operations staff with detailed knowledge of all operator interfaces and how to operate the system to maximum performance and benefit.
  • Providing maintenance staff with detailed knowledge on how to diagnose faults, plan maintenance, rectify faults and quickly return the system to full performance.
  • Giving technical support staff in-depth knowledge on how to modify the system to achieve desired changes in functionality.
  • Providing management with a summary of the systems available with an explanation of performance monitoring and information extraction.

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Our Service Team offer a completely bespoke preventative maintenance and support service. Currently, this team is responsible for over one hundred and fifty sites throughout Europe with clients from all of our industry sectors.

Our service support is your insurance against unplanned and potentially costly plant outages. We are experts in the support and maintenance of software and complex control and instrumentation systems. As well as our own expertise, we have teamed up with strategic partners to offer full turnkey support, including mechanical and hydraulic services.

It is important that our support services meet the requirements of our clients. We create a tailor-made support agreement which can include any or all of the following services:

  • Scheduled preventative maintenance visits
  • Scheduled instrument calibration visits
  • 24/7 callout support with guaranteed response times
  • Remote telephone support
  • Remote diagnostics via secure connection
  • Holding and servicing of spare parts
  • System auditing
  • Online reporting services
  • Obsolescence management

Read more about our support services.

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